Why you should keep a chow chow puppy

The chow chow puppy is a Chinese breed that is both unique and very beautiful. The small dogs were thought to have been used to guard Buddhist temples and they were revered. They have thick coating and short legs and they are almost always red in color. However, they can also have cinnamon color, black, cream or blue as their coating. Sometimes they are referred to simply as chow and they are thought to have originated from Mongolia. They are very sturdily built with their small bodies being square in shape. Their ears are small and triangular while their heads are broad.


If you have never kept a chow chow puppy before then you must know that it can get fiercely protective. It is always wise to keep it on a leash when in the presence of guests. However, they have a pleasant temperament and are very friendly to familiar people. They are not extremely energetic or playful and so it can be kept as a pet in an apartment building. However, you will need to take it for walks so that it can exercise on a daily basis. This will ward off boredom and aggressiveness caused by too much bottled up energy.

Ability to learnchow chow puppy

Most chows have a mind of their own and training them is very hard. However, they are very loyal and will normally be too protective of one or two family members. Sigmund Freud and Martha Stewart are some of the public figures who were known to own a chow. Walt Disney also once gave his wife Lillian a chow chow puppy as a gift. If you want your chow puppy to be well behaved then training it as a puppy is crucial. This will avoid over aggressive behavior towards strangers and make it more trainable even thought they can be very stubborn and have a mind of their own. More information about this you can find on

Chow chow puppies food

chow chow puppiesChow Chow puppies are a popular dog breed, but it is unfortunate people do not know how to feed them. They have very unique dietary requirements arising from their history of vegetarianism. It is advisable to always purchase the chow puppy from certified breeders who have knowledge on how it should be fed.

The dog should take up to three cups of quality dog food every day divided into two meals. When choosing what to feed it with, one ought to know that the dog requires less meat. If fed with lots of meat, it develops skin problems as it ages. Foods that contain protein such as eggs, cheese, and rice should be given priority. Rice, for example, is good for its digestive system and maintains its shiny coat. A highly recommended food for chow dogs is “Solid Gold”. It is rich in proteins and vitamins. Solid Gold is mixed with warm water before feeding the dog. Dry foods tend to be poisonous to the dog and can at times lead to death. Most of the supermarket foods have added preservatives and chemicals that can negative effects on the dog’s health. It is advisable to stick to some of the general feeds such as vegetable stew and chicken, but with minor variations.

Raw hides are not recommended for the chow puppies. They have killed several dogs because they are hard to digest and they also choking. If the dog needs something to chew, provide it with a cow hoof. Clean water should always be within the dog’s proximity. The water aids in digestion of what they eat, as well as, for other biochemical processes in its body.

How much food the puppy eats depends on its age, metabolism, build, and activity level. On ChowChowPup more will discussed about this. They are similar to individuals and they need varying amounts of food. A chow dog can be given a cup in the morning and two cups of the meal in the evening. Control how it feeds by providing the food during meal times only. Always remember to buy quality foods that are well-formulated and graded according to the puppy’s needs.